The laminates we manufacture are made by rotogravure process and are available in eight colour variation depending on the barrier properties and the shelf life of the product. They are used in packaging of various materials ranging from confectionary food, pharmaceuticals, insulation, bakery, chocolates and Chips etc.

We develop packaging solutions that can give Client, Company and Brand a competitive edge in the market.

Greater shelf appeal, improved functionality; product integrity and faster response are some of the worthy features of choosing Callina Care Overseas Pvt. Ltd.


The combination of Polyester +L.D.LLDE is a 2 Layer lamination film. It is specially developed as an insulating material for rotating electrical machines. It is provided in various thicknesses from 25 microns to 300 microns. This lamination film is used for sweet, dry fruit, whole spices, detergent and tyre & tube pouches.


The combination of Polyester + Metalized Polyester +L.D.LLDE is a 3 Layer lamination film. This film is used in the packing of Confectionary items, spices, Snacks and chips etc


The combination of Polyester +BOPP is a 2 Layer lamination film. This film is widely used in Decoration, Board lamination, Biscuits and Confectionary Items etc.


The Polyester +CPP laminate is a 2 Layer lamination film. This laminate is used in packing of Confectionary items, Biscuits and Gift Packing


The BOPP +CPP laminate is a 2 layer lamination film. This combination is mostly applicable in the packing of Stationery, Snacks, Confectionary items and Decorative Stars


The Polyester + Aluminum Foil +L.D.LLDE is a 3 Layer lamination film This Aluminium foil sandwich is used in Pharmaceutical Industry, Automobile Industry, as an Insulation Base Film, Cosmetics Items and in Food Packaging Industry.

WHITE OPAQUE FILM (Surface Printing)

They are suitable for all printing process like offset, flexographic or gravure printing. This film is applicable in the packing of Biscuits & Confectionary Industries, Ice-cream and Decoration.