About Us

CallinaCare Overseas Pvt Ltd. Is a leading Indian Manufacturer and exporter of PP Woven Sacks/ Bags of all types (small bags as well) and PP woven fabric. The different combinations we are involved in laminating are as follows Polyester + L.D.LLDE, Polyester + Met Polyester + L.D.LLDPE, Polyester+BOPP, Polyester + CPP, BOPP + CPP, Polyester + A.L.U foil METPET+LDPE, A.L.U foil + PET+LDPE+fabric, Polyester + 5 Layer LDPE, Metallized LDPE + Polyester to name a few. We are the leaders in manufacturing premium quality flexible packaging & insulation material as well growing demand of PP woven Sack bags and flexible packaging & insulation material globally.Company is located in the oldest Industrial Area of Ghaziabad near Delhi Border.

We have all facilities under one roof:

Extrusion machine, Stitching Machines, Lamination Plant, Liner Plant, Small Bag manufacturing capacity, Printing Facilities.